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Marisystems is the business name for Norm Bernstein, an experienced contract/consulting engineer with over 45 years of experience in electronic circuit design.

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  General board-level circuit design, with an emphasis on proper grounding and shielding, proper power distribution, design for manufacturability and test. Component selection and specification to meet performance benchmarks. Bill of Materials management, cost estimates, interface with layout engineering and contract manufacturing. OrCad schematic capture, Linear Technology power supply simulation

  Precision analog design, specializing in high precision and accuracy to 18 bits, both integrating and successive approximation A/D converters

  Signal conditioning for low level signals and sensors, especially industrial signals such as thermocouples, RTDs, bridges, pressure sensors, etc. Linearization, cold junction compensation, lead resistance compensation, using both linear and digital (microcontroller-based) techniques

  Embedded 8 bit microcontroller experience, especially variants of the 8051 architecture, using very tight assembly language coding. Extensive experience over nearly 30 years with this family of microcontrollers. Procedural and mathematical code, including single precision floating point. Also, some experience with the Microchip PIC family, and currently reviewing the MSP430 family

  Communications experience: RS232, RS485, using asynchronous protocols. I2C/SMBus and SPI peripheral communications. Experience with Bluetooth at the system/module level

  Windows GUI programming, using Embarcadero Delphi XE. Applications programs, Demo programs, and utility programs written to support testing, or as companion programs in systems

  Ultra low power design for battery-based products and small systems, using micropower components, small switching power supplies, Li-MgO coin cells

What I DONT do: To avoid wasting anyones time, these are the things that I am not experienced in doing: VHDL, Verilog, C/C++programming, high power, RF, TCP/IP, or Visual Studio.


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